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Presentation Board Example

Choosing  E-design services is another way for you to work with us.  It is perfect for clients with small space needs, room at a time needs, or a vacation home who want to guide the project on their own time and with their own resources but need help with space plan and design selections.  You do some of the leg work, and we use that information along with our design knowledge and skills to put together a package that will allow you to complete your space at your own pace.



    • ONLINE PRESENTATION BOARD - For a visual representation of your space
    • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS - Furniture, fabrics, window coverings, lighting, art, accessories, paint colors,  floor covering, and millwork details
    • WALL ELEVATIONS - If needed for window treatments, art or sconce placement, cabinetry design
    • FLOOR PLANS - To scale showing you furniture placement
    • SHOPPING LIST - We will provide you with a list of items, where to source them and prices.  If you would like “to the trade” items, we will source them for you.
    • INSTRUCTION SHEET - To assist in implementing our design in your space
    • ONE HOUR FOLLOW UP PHONE CALL OR E-MAILS - To answer any questions


    Step 1: Fill out our online E-design Questionnaire.

    Step 2: Follow our instructions on how to measure your space.

    Step 3: Upload pictures of your space using our recommendations to

    Step 4: After reviewing your information, we will set up a phone call to clarify any details + finalize pricing.

    Step 5: Once we receive payment we will begin your project. Relax and leave the designing to us!

    Now is the time to tell all.  The more we know about you, the better your space will fit you.  Have as many users of the space provide input.


    Budget is critical,  so it is importantyou consider everything you want in the space and how much you want to put toward that.  Remember you can implement it at your own pace so we need overall budget. We rely strongly on your budget to guide us.   We are happy to help you define your budget.

    Our fees start at $900.  We can be more specific once we understand the scope of your project.

    If at any point you would like to convert to our full service option we are happy to do that.